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Foundational Network and Data Center Inventory links Sales, Revenue, Expenses and CRM to Assets

Comprehensive Business & Operations Suite built on Foundational Network Inventory

Current telecommunications systems are exceedingly siloed, driving poor data quality, operational friction, and a bad customer experience. Sales team members are handicapped by poor visibility into sellable assets and services, and are slowed by swivel-chair operations. With Carma, accurate network inventory serves as the foundation for sales and operations to drive profitability for network and data center operators.


  • Fully desktop and mobile compatible with multifactor authentication for secure access to your data anywhere.
  • Direct Integration into Microsoft Outlook - convert incoming emails directly to sales orders within Carma with up-to-date accurate inventory
  • CRM, Sales, Order Management, Operations Workflow, Ticketing, and Recurring Invoice Generation all in one system
  • Physical asset management including native bar/QR code readers running directly on phone/tablets without the need for expensive standalone scanners
  • Full datacenter network management, including outside plant, inside plant and logical services.
  • Active floorplans to visually display leased capacity and power distribution
  • Power management from utility feed through customer circuit, including power roll-ups and capacity monitoring
  • Meet-me-room operations management
  • Vendor expenses tied directly to revenue
  • Customer facing self-service portals running on same underlying database
  • Workflow, ticketing, communication, and document management built directly into Carma
  • Nearly unlimited capability to acquire information from any source of structured data
  • Over 350 prebuilt read/write APIs between industry standard applications
  • Custom APIs available on request to connect to any on-prem or cloud-based database
  • Templates for rapid build-out of new network, edge data centers, towers, and 5G small cells.


  • Make data accessible and actionable with Business Analytics, Intelligence, and Visualization to improve decision-making
  • Eliminate legacy IT support burdens, license costs, and siloed/single-use systems.
  • Consolidate a multitude of functions into one holistic system so all business units are synchronized with a single source of truth
  • Accelerate Revenue with seamlessly integrated CRM, Sales, Order Management, and Operations Workflow
  • Speed adoption with minimal training required through intuitive design and built-in custom help and how-to videos

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