MS Dynamics

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Integrate MS Dynamics with CloudCherry CEM platform for creating an authentic customer experience

CloudCherry - Dynamics 365 Integration Install the CloudCherry app to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics. Each customer response recorded on CloudCherry's dashboard is pushed to the MS Dynamics platform. These responses are raised as tickets on MS Dynamics based on CloudCherry's rule-based notifications. Finally, any changes or updates made on these tickets will flow back as notes on the CloudCherry responses. This integration allows for a real-time two-way exchange of information between CRM, Support, and the CX platform that enables real-time alerts, ticketing, and loop closure. By drilling down on the response analysis page in CloudCherry, specific customer cohorts or groups can be identified. These customer cohorts are in turn pushed to Dynamics, resulting in lead groups. Therefore, blending data from these two systems allows for personalized marketing by forming intelligent customer cohorts. With the CloudCherry app on MS Dynamics, you can: Collect feedback with CloudCherry and raise tickets on MS Dynamics based on the notifications set on CloudCherry. Update notes on the customer responses listed in CloudCherry dashboard based on the changes made in the tickets within MS Dynamics. Push notifications to Dynamics on a real-time basis and update specific fields in Dynamics Send out transactional CloudCherry surveys from MS Dynamics Create lead groups in Dynamics CRM based on cohorts identified in CloudCherry CX platform Launch personalized campaigns for various customer cohorts

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