Data8 Bank Account Validation (UK and Europe)

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Validate bank account numbers and sort codes on entry

Our Bank Validation service allows you to check that sort code and account numbers are valid providing a number benefits to both your users and clients:

  • Avoid Failed payments – validation at the point of capture ensures the correct details are entered ensuring payments can be processed first time
  • Improved user experience – prompts the user if the details are invalid and pre populates valuable information to save time 
  • Improved customer experience – eliminating failed payments means your customers will receive their goods and services without unnecessary delays
  • Reduces unnecessary costs  - Save time and resource by removing any unnecessary administration fees, bank charges and other operational costs incurred by re-processing failed payments

Key features

  • Easy installation and configuration with support provided from our team when required 
  • Validates that sort code and account number are correct
  • Automatically populates additional information – BICCode, IBAN, Short bank name, Full Bank name and postal address of the branch
  • Quickly identifies the payment types accepted by a validated account, such as:
      • BACS Payments
      • Direct Debit Transactions
      • Direct Debit payments
      • Direct Credit Transactions
      • Unpaid Cheque Claim Transactions
      • Building Society Credit Transactions
      • Direct Debit Instruction Transactions
      • Dividend Interest Payment Transactions
      • Cheques, CHAPS Payments, Faster Payments 

Flexible, Competitive Pricing - available on a competitive per-lookup basis, annual licences are also available providing a fixed annual cost for all your Bank Validation requirements

To experience all the benefits for yourself, we provide a free 14 day trial, with full support and no obligation. 

We provide a number of other integrated solutions to help improve your Data Quality, so please review our other listings on AppSource or visit

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