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Integrated management of interactions with retail customers

XRM® Loyalty, built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, provides cutting-edge opportunities for retail, and allows your business to implement any mechanics known in modern practice of loyalty programs. XRM-system helps you closely interact with your clients, react to any changes, launch promotions easily, monitor and standardize loyalty processes. It also yields you customer acquisition as well as customer retention, service current customers using aggregation of many loyalty mechanics, including combinations of complex discounts, bonuses, points, gift certificates, coupons and many other contemporary methods applied in the modern retail world to enhance customer's fidelity.

XRM®Loyalty, is a perfect solution for retail, banking, insurance companies, stadiums, entertainment and everyone who regularly deal with customers. XRM® integrates all software and the company’s website into a single complex with an intuitive interface.

XRM® Loyalty solve such problems:

  • You will know exactly who your buyer is and what he needs at the moment.
  • You can instantly react to any changes and launch promotions with the click of the mouse.
  • You will monitor and standardize the work of employees, build effective business processes.
  • The given decision is tested by very demanding retailers of Ukraine and works there for many years.

The solution provides a lightning-fast launch of a large number of modern marketing activities. Loyalty mechanics are easily configurable, no need to involve programmers or software vendors.

XRM® Loyalty will provide modern marketing tools.

Your marketing will become systemic and more effective. The company will increase the client base, the amount of the average check, as well as the number of commodity items in the check.

The system is based on the universal designer of loyalty programs for all existing types of customer rewards. Solution includes a processing center for calculating rewards that relate to loyalty mechanics.

It also flexibly scales up from units to hundreds and thousands of checks per day and can be integrated with industrial accounting software.

☑ Find out more about the product on the official website.

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