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An HR solution that nurtures employee and business growth.

EvergreenWorx Employees is a cost-effective Human Capital Management (HCM) tool built on the Microsoft Power Platform and developed for human resource professionals. It provides a centralized, scalable environment for managing employee data and collaboration with remote or onsite staff. With the added benefit of Microsoft integrations, EvergreenWorx Employees provides a platform for streamlined HR tasks and improved process efficiency.

Business Benefits

  • Builds detailed employee profiles to ensure state and federal compliance.
  • Activity tracking and automated reminders enforce leave request approvals and performance review dates.
  • Connected systems prevent data fragmentation, reduce entry errors, and save labor.
  • Gives employees visibility into job performance and leave approval process.
  • Creates a business information repository for employee education and improvement accessible to remote or hybrid staff.
  • Provides extensive reporting on employee activities and productivity to allow data-driven decision-making.

Key Features

  • Leave requests and approval
  • Performance review hub
  • Business document repository
  • Automated activity tracking
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Microsoft suite integration

Why should a business consider investing in HCM software?

Remote or hybrid work environments have created new challenges for HR professionals. Roughly 59% of employers state that remote/hybrid work posed a significant hurdle to creating workplace camaraderie, engagement, and mentorship. In addition, many companies struggle with lower productivity and process inefficiencies because they lack an integrated HR solution. In 2020, HR leaders reported spending a full four weeks per year on manual tasks because they lacked HCM software.

What are some benefits of switching from manual processes to an HCM platform?

In a survey of HR leaders, 83% said their HCM software improves the overall employee experience, 80% said it allows HR leaders to be more strategic in their roles, 79% said it enables employees to be more productive, and 56% said it reduced low-skilled worker headcount while keeping output high.

What’s the benefit of managing my HCM within the Microsoft Power Platform framework?

Microsoft’s Azure, Office 365, and Power Platform environments are used by nearly 16 million monthly active users, up by 97% year over year, revolutionizing productivity gains for companies everywhere. Power Platform supports integrations with other Microsoft tools, such as SharePoint, Office 365, and Teams, creating a more collaborative working environment. These integrations present a familiar and easy-to-learn environment for users. In addition, Microsoft invests over $1 billion annually in security to protect organizations’ data. Companies can feel confident placing their trust in Microsoft Power Platform.

About EvergreenWorx

The EvergreenWorx application suite is designed to support your small to mid-size business. EvergreenWorx streamlines and automates your back office, allowing you to stay connected and get things done. Built on the Power Platform, each EvergreenWorx application makes the most of your Microsoft investment with simple, elegant, intuitive, and affordable solutions to every business challenge.

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