Change Requests for Project Online

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Manage change requests for your Project Online Projects to reduce scope creep

Change Requests for Project Online Overview

Change Requests for Project Online solution is a Canvas app that provides a capability to create and manage change requests for Project Online PWA projects.

The change management process starts with the creation of a new change request, in which the requester selects the project for which the change is being requested, describes the proposed change, its background and benefit, and selects the approvers who will review and discuss the change and make a decision to approve or decline this change.

Once a change request is created it goes through the approval process, where each of the designated approvers have a chance to review the request and provide their decision. If all members of the change review board approve the request, the request receives Approved status and can be later added to the project scope.

Change Requests for Project Online app can be easily accessed in a browser, mobile phone, tablet and embedded into MS Teams app.

Change Requests for Project Online solution is available for free.

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