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This is the companion App for our "The Works from Forceworks" Services as a Subscription model

"The Works from Forceworks" is a brand-new "Services as a Subscription" model.

This is the companion app for that service. Feel free to install it to see what it looks like; however, your requests will not go anywhere without a subscription. :)

What is "The Works"?

We launched This new “Service-as-a-Subscription” concept for customers who prefer always-on, unlimited customization, support, and training. It is ideal for Small, Medium-Sized, and Corporate organizations that may be managing their business solutions independently or are considering doing so.

As the name implies, “The Works” includes everything short of development code. With Microsoft’s advances in the “low-code” platform, this will cover everything for most customers!

You have enough to do running your business, and you want a “System” that works… all the time. A system designed, built, and maintained specifically for your business needs. No more negotiating agreements or watching the clock as billable hours mount up. The entire challenge is moved off your plate so you can focus on your business priorities.

Think about how much time, money, and frustration you have spent, or will spend, getting a system deployed, configured, supported, and extended to meet your actual goals of increased sales or decreased costs or happier customers, or whatever your original goals were.

Key Features of this App

This initial launch of "The Works" companion app includes a single feature. The ability for any user to create an issue and submit it. That submission goes either to a distribution list or a Microsoft Team shared by our Team and our Customers' Teams. This is the first of many features that will be added to this app in support of our Service.

Key Features of Service

  • Unlimited Consulting and Advice
  • Unlimited Deployments and Customizations
  • Unlimited User Support and Training
  • Unlimited Administration tasks
  • Unlimited Monitoring and Reporting
  • Unlimited Data Management, Automation, and more


Available in English.


The Works App can be installed in any environment with a Dataverse database, including all Dynamics 365 Customer engagement apps.


We have an Instant Quote Generator on our website.

The Works from Forceworks Information

Visit our website for more information on "The Works from Forceworks".

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