HSE Management System (Job Hazard Analysis & Permit to Work)

avtor: Gems Consulting Company Ltd

Reduce risks on job task, identify controls to eliminate hazards, and manage permit to work license.

Gems HSE Management System (Job Hazard Analysis and Permit to Work):

Gems HSE Job Hazard Analysis and Permit to Work System is a process management solution. It is designed to help identify the dangers of a specific task before issuing the work permit. The system also focuses on the relationship between the worker, the task, the tools and equipment, and the environment. The system has four participation levels, which includes the following: Performing Authority, Facility Supervisor, QHSE Supervisor, and Location Supervisor.

Some of the features are as stated below:

  • Approval Workflows – This system routes and track requests and approvals to ensure efficiency and transparency.
  • Timer Automation – This system trigger actions that occur at a predetermined time, such as suspending a work permit, expiring a work permit, sending reminder notifications, etc.
  • Approve or Deny a Work Permit – This action is performed by an admin.
  • Download and Print Document – The print feature in this system allows the printing and download of the Job Hazard Analysis and the Permit to Work Analysis documents.
  • Email Notifications – This system sends email with an automated subject line and email body generated from entries to all role players at every stage of the flow process.
  • Analytics – Provides a detailed data and reports to perform timely analysis that leads to effective remediation efforts.
  • Dashboard – Provides a complete visibility of controls and compliance in one place to make fast decisions.

Some of the benefits of using the solution:

  • Reduces the risk of having an injured employee.
  • Keeps track of the safety precautions taken at work.
  • Ensures a safe working environment.

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