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SearchUnify for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Use Cognitive Search to Tap into the Knowledge and Intelligence Already in Your Dynamics 365 system

SearchUnify is an AI-powered enterprise search solution that seamlessly integrates into your Dynamics 365 platform and enables you to instantly index multiple content sources to present the most relevant results to your support agents.

Built on best-in-class artificial intelligence, SearchUnify learns from users’ interactions with the search engine and optimizes results for relevance. The semantic solution enables agents to access information scattered across enterprise platforms without leaving Dynamics. It helps deliver stellar customer service and support efficiency.

Discover Seamlessly with Unified Search : Instantly index content from enterprise platforms like Lithium, SharePoint, JIRA etc. with out-of-the-box connectors or a robust API.

Optimize Results with Machine Learning : Empower agents to resolve cases faster with AI-powered tuning capabilities that put the most relevant search results at the top.

Fill Content Gaps with Deep Analytics : Discover and fill content gaps much faster with rich insights into how your agents search for and use case-resolving content.

Enable Contextual Conversations with NLU : Make it easier for agents to find answers by leveraging the search engine’s understanding of context in each query.

Drive Knowledge-Centered Support : Quickly attach case-resolving articles to conversations, and use ‘Agent Helper’ for immediate responses to incoming cases.

Deploy in Less than a Day : Set up search in as little as 24 hours and make external and Dynamics content discoverable with minimal development effort.

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