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What gets measured gets managed” is a long-standing business aphorism. But today’s sales technologies enable companies to capture voluminous business data, which leads many managers to try to evaluate everything. As a consequence, managers don’t have a clear sense of what is really driving sales in their business, while salespeople, who are inundated with dozens of metrics, get lost in the day-to-day noise. The result is poor management of what matters.

Another aspect of Growth in revenue and capturing market share is dependent on new store openings. However new stores require additional investment, management bandwidth and create an increased risk for the business.

We at Hitachi Solutions will streamline the process of the new store opening. Our Location Intelligence Solution reduces the time required to collect data, analyze, and plan new store operations. The solution allows collating 3rd party data points, visualizing them on a map, and taking informed decisions making and accelerating new store launches. The solution enables you to:

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Hitachi Solutions Location Intelligence solution enables you to get answers to some of your biggest questions, including:


  • Are we spending enough time with our most important customers?
  • Is the team working to build the Sales Funnel?
  • Are the sales team members able to manage, track, and report their BEAT plan?
  • Does the team get any reminders to connect with customers they’ve lost touch with?
  • Are you driving the sales team on what matters most at a given time i.e. collections, relationship building, marketing, account management, etc.?
  • Are you able to view and track compliance reports based on their goals.?
  • Identify possible locations for new stores based on marketing data including, Landmarks, Population, Demographics, Traffic, Competitors, Audience, etc in a single map view.
  • Rank various locations on the basis of parameters defined.
  • Leverage accurate market data provided by 3rd party marketing agencies.
  • Manage checklist and execute activities, that lead to a new store opening.
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