DaIM Auditmanagement

avtor: Indevo GmbH

Auditmanagement - Auditplanning, -implementation and -reports from a single source for Q HSE

Note - DaIM audit management is an integral part of the modular DaIM solutions for management systems quality, environment, information security, occupational health and safety, energy and sustainability.

Testdrive - You can test all DaIM functions and modules in the preferred DaIM overall solution in the appsource!

A central component of a management system is the systematic evaluation of performance using the tool of audits. DaIM Audit Management supports the planning, execution and documentation of individual audits. The evaluation of findings, root cause analysis and action control lays the foundation for intelligent, digital audits.

Audit - Audit processing is supported by a systematic process. Employees are assisted in planning, execution and documentation. All types of audits of any standards & regulations are implemented. Individual checklists can be created by the user with Excel, edited and imported directly into DaIM.

Checklist - DaIM supports universal checklists for standard-specific and integrated audits. In addition, product, process, compliance audits, walk-throughs or customer/supplier audits, among others, are facilitated with company-internal audit protocols and controlled in an audit-proof manner.

Detection of Findings - All detected non-conformities or improvements are directly linked to the corresponding corrective and preventive actions via audit trails.

Action - All initiated actions from the respective functions in DaIM are centrally consolidated with reference to the source. Root cause analysis and implementation of corrective and preventive actions are process-driven. This ensures continuous improvement of the entire management system.


- Simple, user-friendly import of individual checklists

- Workflow-guided handling of the audit process

- Status of the processing of audits

- Mapping of internal and external audits

- Freely selectable audit types

- Comprehensible audit program planning

- Generation of automatic reports for audit plan and audit report

- Mobile processing of audits and recording of audit evidence

- Audit dates are planned centrally

- Clear tracking of non-conformities

- Various export options

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