Field Force Automation

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Intech’s easy-to-use solution, powered by Microsoft’s no-code low code Power Platform and Dataverse.

The pharmaceutical industry is in the middle of a fundamental transformation. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry is facing challenges with fluctuating market demands and changing consumer needs. Pharma companies are oriented to staying agile in the face of changing business dynamics over time.

The pharmaceutical industry relies on its field sales team for much of its marketing. These Medical Representatives (MRs) drive sales and provide allied services. They are a key point of contact between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. They are responsible for promoting brand awareness, consultations, answering queries, and introducing novel products in the market. An MR’s job requires them to be away from the office all day long, meeting chemists, wholesalers, and doctors to promote their company’s products. This makes it tricky for their managers to track their movement in real-time, assess their performance, plan visits, and determine their productivity. Moreover, MRs face their set of unique challenges. There is a lack of 100% visibility between the field force and the backend team. There is a need for a smart, data-driven, and multi-dimensional cloud-based application that can improve visibility between the backend teams and the field sales operations teams.

Introducing, "Field Force Automation," an easy-to-use solution, developed by Intech, using Microsoft’s no-code-low-code Power Platform and Dataverse, that can help MRs with many operational tasks, such as planning their day, reporting about the visits, adding expenses and leaves, and many more.

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