Field Force Automation

avtor: Intech Systems Pvt Ltd.

Intech’s easy-to-use solution, powered by Microsoft’s no-code low code Power Platform and Dataverse.

Are you finding it challenging to keep a close eye on your field sales team's activities? Look no further; we have the perfect fix for you.

The pharmaceutical industry relies on its field sales team for much of its marketing. These Medical Representatives (MRs) drive sales and provide allied services. These dedicated professionals are the linchpin connecting medical and pharmaceutical companies with healthcare professionals. They tirelessly promote brand awareness, offer consultations, address inquiries, and introduce groundbreaking products to the market. But here's the catch: MRs spend their entire day on the field, meeting chemists, wholesalers, and doctors. This constant mobility makes it a challenge for their managers to track their real-time movements, assess performance, plan visits, and gauge productivity.

Moreover, MRs face unique challenges, including a lack of 100% visibility between the field force and the backend team. What's the solution? It is time for a game-changer - a smart, data-driven, multi-dimensional cloud-based application that bridges the gap and enhances visibility between your backend teams and your field sales operations.

Introducing "Field Force Automation" - a user-friendly solution crafted by Intech, powered by Microsoft's no-code-low-code Power Platform and Dataverse. This revolutionary app empowers MRs to streamline their daily operations effortlessly. It simplifies tasks such as planning their day-to-day activities, reporting visits, managing expenses, and tracking leaves, among many others.

But don't just take our word for it! Discover the extensive features of this groundbreaking app by exploring our marketing brochure. Learn how it can transform your pharmaceutical sales and marketing strategies, propelling you toward unprecedented success in this ever-evolving industry.

Are you ready to unlock a new era of efficiency, transparency, and growth? Sign up for a free trial of Field Force Automation today and witness the future of pharmaceutical sales firsthand. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your operations and stay ahead in the game. Act now and secure your competitive edge!

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