Connections UI Interface for Dynamics 365 CRM

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Simplified, Configurable, Intuitive Interface for Connections Between Dynamics 365 Entities.

The Connections UI for Dynamics 365 was designed specifically to improve the user interface and to save you time. Our users wanted an easier way to establish relationships between different records without having to spend a ton of time configuring the system. We listened to those needs and developed an interface that was easier to use than the out-of-the-box UI option.


  • MULTIPLE OWNERS – with Connections UI you are able to assign a role that can be leveraged and utilized as a proxy for ownership. By default, Dynamics 365 only allows one owner per record, however, with Connections UI you’re able to grant other ownership, or stewardship, roles to users. (Ex: a Team, or Queue, might own a case but a User can be given a Connection that assigns them as the “responsible party”. )
  • MEMBERSHIP - with Connections UI you are able to assign a role that can be leveraged and utilized as a way to identify how Contacts, Clients, or Users are part of a group of records. (Ex: Contact 1 is a member of the “Not Now Alliance”, while another Contact 2 is the chairperson of the “Not Now Alliance”. )
  • ATTENDANCE – with Connections UI you can identify a User or Contact (or other custom entity) and their invitation, decline, no show, or attendance to a calendar appointment. (Ex: Contact 1 is invited to Appointment 1, User 1 invited, User 2 invited… after the Appointment ends it could be updated to show that Contact 1 attended, User 1 was a no show, and User 2 attended. )


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