KAISPE TherapyCare


TherapyCare is a fully integrated solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

The solution provides an online portal to bring healthcare professionals and patients together, and a back end patient relationship management application to maintain records like therapist information, therapy sessions, patient history, billing, payments etc. The back end application can be connected to an accounting information system, an ecommerce platform or ERP application through a secure integration mechanism.

Patients and their attendants have more interest now to get the medical records including therapy sessions recordings, therapist notes, final assessment reports and other useful documents accessible anytime and anywhere on cloud.

Our online portal allows patients to access personal health records from anywhere, at any time, through an Internet-connected device. Through the speech therapy portal, patients can do online registration, update their personal information and complete health forms before visiting the therapist. This not only helps to reduce waiting times for patients, but it allows staff to spend less time on administrative tasks.

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