Entitlement Manager for MS Dynamics 365 (Trial)

avtor: NextLabs, Inc.

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Policy-driven, granular access control to safeguard Dynamics 365 data and business transaction.

Extend the standard Dynamics 365 authorization and role-based access control with policy-driven, granular access control to safeguard data and business transaction.  Key Features:

Attribute Based Access Control

Control access to data and business transactions through human readable business rules. A simple policy may state that account executives can view and edit accounts, leads, and opportunities that belong to the industry, region, and size of company the user is responsible for.

Centralized Policy Management

Authorization policies can be defined and uniformly enforced across Dynamics, SharePoint, and other applications.

Dynamic Runtime Policy Enforcement

Access is dynamically enforced at runtime based on the latest set of user and resource (accounts, campaigns, support cases) attributes.

Row Level Security

Ensure users can only view, create, edit, delete the accounts, leads, contacts, campaigns, support cases etc. they have been granted access to.

Preventative Runtime SoD Enforcement

Prevent Segregation of Duties and other compliance violations from happening

Centralized Audit & Monitoring

Track and report on policy compliance and end user activity.

NextLabs is available for SaaS, Private Cloud and on-premise deployments of Dynamics 365.

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