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This app encourages coworkers to share job-related compliments.

ShoutOut is a workplace application that makes communication and recognition easier. This

app gets peers, employees connected and engaged as well as shows everyone on the team that they really do matter. ShoutOut makes your employees more productive by increasing their engagement and value count.


It is evident that motivated employees can result in higher morale, enhanced productivity that allows a company to attain a higher level of success. The ShoutOut Wall and leader board help team members feel aligned, valued, appreciated, and supported by the business. With the help of the ShoutOut tool, employees are likely to become more connected to the values of the company, which they can utilize in their regular interactions with clients as well as each other.

You can use ShoutOut to bring your team together to:

·         Acknowledge astonishing achievements.

·         Share success across all levels.

·         Drive and associate with company values to communicate directly with each other.

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel of the ShoutOut App is very easy to use and enables the administrator to have complete control over the data and content of the company.

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