Ecosystem Sales & Project Monitoring


Sales & Project Monitoring

Ecomindo Sales & Project Monitoring System is a system to monitor the sales & project status including staff allocation for the project. This system is aimed for Services industry.

This system will be used by 2 different divisions :
  1. Business Team
  2. Project Team

There are some business process phases in this system with different action on each phase :
  • Sales Engagement. This phase is to register opportunity, including commercial proposal and sales activity that is planned or has been done. by Business Team. Necessary information like Account & related PIC should be setup as well
  • Initiation & Planning. This initiation & planning phase is to register projects and contracts along with team member allocation and utilization in the project. Related team that will be involved in this phase are the Resource Manager, Business Unit and Project Manager.
  • Entry Timesheet & Acceptance. This phase starts after the projects, contracts and employee placements have been entered into the database. This phase is carried out by 2 real actors, Project Manager and Project Team
  • Monitoring. In this phase, there is no need to wait for the entry time sheet and Acceptance phases to complete, because these phases can be a cycles and repeated several times.
  • Closing. This phase begins when all the previous phases have been completed.

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