HR Hub for Microsoft Dynamics 365

avtor: Radity GmbH

Managing People and Talent Acquisition Processes for Startups and Scaleups

HR Hub is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform that offers a new and practical way for start-ups and scaleups to easily manage Human Resources processes.

  • Follow HR processes on computer, tablet, and mobile phone. Any time and from everywhere.
  • Create vacancies and publish them on your company website via an API.
  • Create and manage candidate pool from job applicants.
  • Filter your employees, candidates, and positions based on name, position, application status, candidate status, and more.
  • Store and manage your employee documents, such as CVs, NDAs, contracts, and more, via SharePoint integration.
  • Organize your HR department and distribute tasks to select users.
  • Benefit from readily available email templates. Update them and create new ones.
  • Create automated emails for each step of the hiring process.
  • Export records into your computer as an Excel file.
  • Import data from your computer.
  • No cost, fewer resources.

  • Acquire talent
    With its easy-to-use interface and SharePoint integration capabilities, integrate HR Hub with your company's careers webpage. Publish job posts, receive applications, keep CVs of applicants on a secure platform, and communicate with candidates using automated template-based emails. In case of a successful acquisition process, easily convert your selected candidate into an employee with one click.

    Manage employees
    HR Hub allows employee management with its practical and user-friendly interface. Keep all employee records in one organized platform and spend minimum effort when managing employees.

    Be mobile
    HR Hub is accessible on your mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Anytime and anywhere. 

    Data matters
    HR Hub provides statistics about your employees. Data for contract types, job titles, and employee skills are analyzed to provide strategic insights into your company’s workforce.

    If your company is seeking a low-cost, high-performance, and professional solution to manage human resources processes, Radity HR Hub is the best tool for you.

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