Dynamics 365: Import Products into TDox

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Import Dynamics 365 Products into TDox Products: manage your CRM products on a mobile app.

TDox is a software which enhances data collection on the go. Thanks to this plugin you will be able to import Dynamics 365 products into TDox, in order to choose them as products while filling forms or collecting data from mobile.

Great benefits from TDox

  • Enhances your management software: can be perfectly integrated without interfering with your processes.
  • Replaces paper: speeds up data collection by directly transferring it to your office or management software.
  • No installation needed: Enable/disable the service at any time, fill forms even offline.
  • Cloud Technology: TDox is based on the most secure Cloud platforms.
  • Is integrated in your computer system: TDox services can easily integrate your data with most common softwares used on the market.
  • Directly from field to your office: Data gathered from app is available in real-time in spreadsheets, ready for elaboration.
  • No typos, mistakes or loss of information: prompt control of work.

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