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Send SMS and WhatsApp natively powered by ValueFirst

Integrating ValueFirst Messaging with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing empowers you to elevate the customer experience by employing automated messaging strategies that guide customers towards informed decisions. Enhance your outreach by connecting with a broader audience through their preferred communication channels, ensuring heightened engagement and the success of your marketing campaigns.

Engage clients at every step of their customer journey through the seamless integration of SMS and WhatsApp within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. Leverage the extensive reach facilitated by 900+ direct operator connections, ensuring high SMS delivery rates on a global scale. For more expressive communication, utilize WhatsApp to send rich content messages, including images, videos, and URLs.

Personalization is key to effective communication. Easily incorporate customer data, such as first and last names, into your message templates with a simple click, fostering a personalized touch in your interactions.

Efficiently manage your communication with customizable SMS templates, allowing you to tailor notification messages to suit your specific needs. Similarly, WhatsApp message templates ensure a unified and personalized approach, enriched with various media options for added impact.

Facilitate two-way communication by receiving inbound messages and orchestrating customer journeys based on specific message keywords. Real-time reporting and analytics empower you to track message performance and derive actionable insights, enabling informed decision-making for future campaigns.

Ensure message delivery reliability with failover capabilities. In cases where the primary communication channel encounters issues, seamlessly switch over to SMS using the ValueFirst fallback option, guaranteeing that your messages always reach your customers.

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