COVID-19 Voice Screener


The COVID-19 Voice Screener PowerApp reduces infection risk by screening using voice technology.

COVID-19 Voice Screener is a PowerApp built on the Common Data Service for anyone on the testing frontlines looking to reduce physical contact and the risk of infection while enhancing the screening process. This app allows you to store your data securely in Microsoft and connect screening survey answers to the Microsoft Nonprofit Accelerator & the Microsoft Healthcare Accelerator for Dynamics 365.

· The app leverages Text to Speech and Speech to Text technology from Azure Cognitive Services

· The app securely stores data in the Microsoft Common Data Service and is fully connected to the Microsoft stack

· The app is currently available in English. Contact us if you are interested in translations.


  • Once the solution is installed in your environment by selecting "Get It Now" please review the "COVID-19 Screener Administrator Application Install Guide" below for instructions on installing the companion COVID-19 Voice Screener PowerApp.
  • The COVID-19 Screener Walkthrough Guide provides a set of step by step instructions on application usage. The COVID-19 Voice Screener Walk Through Guide is available via download and can be found here. 

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