DynaRent for D365 Sales

avtor: To-Increase B.V.

Connect CRM & ERP for one view of the lead-to-cash value chain and accelerate your sales process

Enable your sales and marketing teams to get a unified view of customer data without switching multiple systems and platforms. DynaRent for D365 Sales builds an integration between Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM) and Dynamics 365 F&SCM (ERP), providing an end-to-end solution to support the entire lead-to-cash workflow of your rental business. With DynaRent for D365 Sales, your sales team can access instant and detailed insights into customer data, generate contracts and invoices, calculate accurate quotes, and close deals faster.

To implement DynaRent for D365 Sales, you should be using To-Increase’s rental software solution, DynaRent Solutions Suite (embedded in Dynamics 365 F&SCM).

Benefits of DynaRent for D365 Sales

· Quicken the lead-to-cash process: Empowers salespeople to generate accurate quotes, update contact details, check invoices, and quicken the process of converting rental opportunities into sales.

· Get all customer data in one platform: Offers instant, detailed insights into data of rental, sales, finance, and supply chain functions.

· Improve coordination: A unified view of data enables transparent communication and alignment among teams.

· Avoid errors and duplication of efforts: Provides an end-to-end solution for all lead-to-cash processes, thereby preventing duplication of efforts, repetition of tasks, and the risk of inputting incorrect data.

· Improve customer experience: The sync up of CRM and ERP data aligns the sales and marketing teams with the supply chain teams, leading to accurate quotes and efficient handling of customer queries, which results in better sales and enhanced customer relations.

· Save time and improve productivity: Creates automated approval process for quotations using Power Automate Cloud Flow; helps save time and improve business performance.

Features & Functionalities

· Lead-to-Cash Dashboard: Obtain direct insights into the sales funnel, view the total number of quotations and opportunities, and get a comprehensive overview of the rental sales performance.

· Account Management: Maintain prospects and customer records directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Data entered in Account Management syncs with Dynamics CRM and ERP.

· New Rental Opportunity: Create a rental opportunity in the Sales CRM. Add industry-specific fields, such as rental duration, view invoice, information, and pricing.

· Rental Quotation Overview: View all delivery, pricing, rental, and sales items linked to each quotation.

· Create Rental Quotation: Create a rental quotation to make the right rental offer, including delivery dates, pricing, and items, to customers.

· Rental Quotation Header: Create required rental fields directly in Dynamics 365 Sales and add rental and sales items to quotations.

· Edit Rental Quotation: Make changes to rental quotations in the Dynamics ERP. The correct quote opens from the Dynamics 365 solution, enabling efficient working in two systems.

· Rental Order Overview: Directly view rental orders, details, and documents in the CRM. Use filters to search for specific quotes and contract information.

· Rental Invoices: View in CRM the rental invoices created in the ERP.

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