Zipari Service Center

avtor: Zipari

A CRM solution built specifically for health insurance carriers.

Deliver efficient customer service with a single solution; enabling your employees to focus on navigating customer relationships -- not applications. Zipari’s Service Center is an out-of-the-box call center solution, designed specifically for health plans to automate workflows, streamline call center operations, and improve customer experience. Fueled by Zipari’s proprietary CX Engine and predictive analytics, the Service Center gives customer service representatives (CSRs) immediate access to a unifed view of all customer data and interactions. It can be paired with actionable recommendations to resolve administrative issues across the organization.

Service Center enhances Dynamics by aggregating current, but previously unavailable, data sources for deeper customer service insight. New robust customer information and visualizations elevate the performance potential of every CSR.

The call center can make or break customer experience and brand perception. With easy access to information and problem-solving tools in one, intuitive interface, CSRs become empowered to deliver the concierge model, linking customers to the right service at the right time, improving health outcomes and revenue.

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