Airhead Cloud Desktop

Airhead Education Ltd

The award winning cloud desktop for education

Winner of the prestigious ‘Innovation in ICT’ award at Bett 2015, Airhead is the cloud desktop for schools, colleges and universities. It fully integrates with Office 365 for logon, email, calendars and more. It will supercharge your journey to the cloud, making it simple and intuitive for all your staff and students to create, organise, curate and share the best of the Web. Airhead delivers on the vision of anywhere, anytime, any device accessibility and is a catalyst for transforming the use of technology to support learning and teaching.

Within Airhead, LaunchPads is the app that lets you create, curate and share the best of the Web. You can make tiles for your own resources or select from a huge range of carefully curated educational resources in AirBase. With password management and Single Sign-on into supported services, Airhead makes it really easy and intuitive to organise Web resources and access them anywhere, anytime on any connected device.

FlightDecks is an app within Airhead that allows staff and students to add widgets for email, calendars, tasks and personal notes as well as a whole range of content including presentations, videos and documents. All these widgets are 'live' on the page and so flightdecks are a great way to curate content for lessons or meetings.

All these features are free for individual users but the real power of Airhead is achieved when integrated with your Office 365 domain. This integration delivers Single Sign-on to your range of Office 365 apps and resources as well as any other resources supported by an Office 365 account. You can also share launchpads and flightdecks across your organisation to individuals, groups, roles and publicly.

Airhead has a 'noticeboard' feature to allow an administrator to create and share content with all users and this is easy and intuitive to update. You can even turn this same content into a public website. Our administration console allows you to manage Airhead for a single organisation or groups of organisations to catalyse collaboration and sharing.

The premium service is £2 per pupil per annum (no charge for staff) with a set-up charge that will depend on whether you already have an Office 365 domain for your organisation or not. We're more than happy to set up a domain for you.

So give the personal service a try for free but be sure to reach out if you would like to trial Airhead for your school, college or university. Join the Airhead community and harness the power of cloud to enhance learning and teaching.

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