Collaboration IndeX


Accelerate Office 365 adoption with a smart virtual coach and monitor adoption on a large scale!

Collaboration IndeX (CIX) is the only global Change Management Platform fully automated giving control of the adoption process to every single user in your organisation.

The first B2B quantified-self platform, CIX helps improve Office 365 digital skills on a daily basis and monitor adoption on a large scale.

Collaboration IndeX unique effectiveness is based on 4 pillars:

➤ SELF MONITORING: A confidential, scientifically certified self-measuring Index, showing the mastering level of Office 365 usage and digital skills.

➤ PRIVATE COACH: A virtual coach providing personalised tips and a gamification process to help improve your skills and Office 365 usage with ease, including comprehensive e-learning recommendations

➤ ADOPTION DASHBOARDS: A global set of dashboards monitoring adoption at team and company levels to help understand progression, and track when and where customized training efforts must be dispensed

➤ TARGETED COMMUNICATION: A dedicated communication platform to create business recommendations, targeting people based on their skills, providing organisation’s examples and success stories

CIX is the only way to be 100% sure that all your users can monitor their own progress, receive daily personalized recommendations on how to use Office 365, and receive appropriate incentive at personal and team level thanks to a smart gamification process (badges, challenges, interactions, …).

TRY CIX FREE FOR 30 days, and discover how fun, profitable and exciting change management initiatives are with Collaboration IndeX. After 30 days trial period, you have the possibility to subscribe to one among several plans based on the number of users in your organisation.

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY of CIXers and prove to yourself that you can reach the highest levels of digital collaboration and efficiency thanks to Office 365!


Track your progress:

- Daily index

- Advanced index analysis on specific services and usages such as Drive, Sites, Calendars, etc … or on Production vs Participation activities

- Daily recommendations as feedback derived from your most recent activities

- Detailed history of your global collaboration skill index variations

- Weekly Newsletter with a summary of your progress

Get trained:

- Fully integrated with E-Learning solutions

- Daily recommendations on how to develop your digital collaborative usage and skills

- Linked recommendations to free or business e-learning solutions such as Mandarine Academy

- Customized recommendations from your organization

Challenge your peers:

- Challenge your co-workers and share best practices

- Collect badges showing your progress

- Make your team NUMBER ONE

Benchmark yourself:

- Compare your index and progress to average and extreme levels of your peers within your teams, country or area

- Visualize how your digital collaboration skills contribute leading your team to excellence

Track adoption progress in your organization:

- Company daily index

- Identify your company or team strengths and weaknesses on services and usages such as Drive, Sites, Calendars, etc … or on Production vs Participation activities

- Give objectives to a team or your company


- “I’ve increased by 40% the adoption level of Office 365”

- “We have stopped sending files by email, thus improving our index using Sharepoint”

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