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SP2 Acronyms


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Eliminate confusion over company acronyms today.

Today's organizations have more acronyms than ever. This can prove to be a significant hurdle for new hires in their on-boarding process. SP2 Acronyms makes it easy for your employees to look up acronyms they don't know. The included App Part provides an easy to use interface that allows employees to find the terms they need quickly. Just add the app part to a page to get started. Users can also also browse the corporate dictionary of acronyms to review an ones they may not be familiar with. This is a great web part to put on your home page!

SP2 Acronyms comes with configurable options. All text inside the app part can be modified to allow you to localize the web part to your language.

Use SP2 Web Parts with confidence. SP2 web parts are written by three-time SharePoint MVP, Corey Roth. SP2 has published some of the first apps in the Office Store. Let SP2 apps bring more value to your SharePoint site today.


  • Create a central acronym dictionary for your organization.
  • Includes an app part to allow users to search acronyms.
  • Supports aliases for looking up similar terms or misspellings.
  • All text in the app part is configurable to support customization and localization.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Users can browse the dictionary as well to review other unfamiliar terms.