Tidemark Excel App for Office


First fully immersed FP&A App for Microsoft Office and Office 365

The industry’s first fully immersed financial planning and analysis (FP&A) experience designed for the modern modeler. New bi-directional unification improves the efficiency and workflow of FP&A professionals by allowing them to freely model in Office and Office 365 spreadsheets while bolstering data control, scalability and improved security through the Tidemark platform without additional costs. FP&A teams also improve their investments in Office 2013 and Office 365 while gaining the benefits that modern modelers expect from Tidemark such as collaboration, mobile delivery and visualization.

Additional Notes

1. Tidemark Excel App is supported only on IE11 or later and Chrome browser while running from Office 365

2. Tidemark Excel App provides a seamless integration between Excel and Tidemark application. Tidemark application is multi-tenant cloud based application. Users belong to Tidemark tenants and internal users have accounts created in the Tidemark application. There is no additional cost associated for users to use this App

3. There is no additional sign up option required for Tidemark users.

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