NOVAtime Technology Inc.

NOVAanalytics allows you to export data from your NOVAtime 5000 SaaS database into MS Excel.

You must be a NOVAtime 5000 SaaS customer to user the NOVAanalytics app. The NOVAanalytics app allows you to download data from a list predefined SQL tables directly in the NOVAtime 5000 database, hosted in a secured SaaS cloud for authenticated system users. Using the power of Microsoft 2013 Excel/Office 365 Excel or above, you can generate advanced charts, dashboards, and powerful presentations from the NOVAtime 5000 database for intelligent analysis.

Contact your authorized NOVAtime reseller or Activation Consultant to configure the NOVAtime 5000 database of your company. They will authorize your NOVAtime system user profile to access the NOVAanalytics app, after gaining authorization from your company. The NOVAanalytics App downloads various information from the NOVAtime 5000 Workforce Management solution of the client company with which the NOVAanalytics user is associated. Data collected by the NOVAanalytics App is the property of the client and may be used and shared at the client’s discretion. NOVAtime is not responsible for the client’s release of the information. If you are not a NOVAtime 5000 client, please contact NOVAtime to sign up for the service (

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