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Capture, develop and select the best ideas to address your business challenges.

Powering Innovation with Collaborative Idea Management Software

A businesses’ network is its largest untapped resource for success. Idea Spotlight is a collaborative idea management platform designed to help organisations access this resource by engaging and collaborating with their workforce, partners or even customers to generate and develop innovative new ideas, as part of a wider innovation strategy.

Idea Spotlight gives organisations the process and structure to capture, evolve, evaluate, develop, select and implement the best ideas from relevant internal and external stakeholders.

The Idea Spotlight for Wazoku Add-in allows you to give your network access to your Idea Spotlight platform within the familiar SharePoint environment. Share challenges across the organisation or with specific groups to gather and develop ideas to address business problems.

To implement the Idea Spotlight for SharePoint add-in you must have an active Idea Spotlight domain and account. If you do not have the account, please visit to learn more about Idea Spotlight and the SharePoint add-in.

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