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Property / Real Estate Development Appraisal and Cash Flow Modelling Software

The leading Excel based appraisal and cash flow modelling system for anyone involved in property development and viability.

The Add-In is linked to an Excel Workbook template.

This includes a Project spreadsheet which provides an overview of your property development.

There is also an Appraisal summary spreadsheet, which provides the key figures on a single sheet.

A separate Land spreadsheet allows you to define up to 4 different land purchase tranches in more detail.

An overalls spreadsheet lets you define all of the fees associated with the development, such as Architect fees.

A Units spreadsheet allows you to add up to 50 different property units, such as houses or offices and define the income and costs for each unit. If you have multiple units that are the same then you can simply add a multiplier, so you are not restricted to 50 units in total.

A Cashflow spreadsheet shows you all the cost and income amounts spread on a monthly basis.

A Chart spreadsheet has a typical Excel chart showing the key costs and income over time.

You can also run a sensitivity analysis.

All of these spreadsheets are managed using the Add-in.

Important. Please note that you will need an account with Caldes Limited to use the add-in. There is a free 7 day trial, available once you have registered with us. Beyond that there is an annual cost for a license, including support. Please see for current prices.

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