GoAnimate - Video Player


Watch GoAnimate videos right from your Outlook inbox. No need to click around between windows.

After installing the add-in, you will be able to watch videos hosted on GoAnimate right from your inbox. No extra set-up required. The add-in will automatically detect GoAnimate video links and display an HTML5 video player right inside the message.


Making a video used to be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Not anymore! GoAnimate is a cloud-based, animated video creation platform.

Videos can and should be everywhere, and are quickly becoming the most prominent form of digital communication in the workplace. Businesses use videos to train employees, market products and services, and explain complex topics. Educators and students use videos to inspire critical thinking and creativity in the classroom.

Video creation in GoAnimate is controlled through a simple, drag & drop interface. Features like templates, characters, complex actions, backgrounds, props, and automatic lip-synced dialogue allow you to produce a professional video in minutes.

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  • Pošilja podatke prek interneta
  • Ta dodatek ima dovoljenje za branje ali spreminjanje vsebine poljubnega elementa v vašem nabiralniku ter ustvarjanje novih elementov. V poljubnem sporočilu ali elementu koledarja lahko dostopa do osebnih podatkov, kot so telo, zadeva, pošiljatelj, prejemniki ali priloge. Te podatke lahko pošlje storitvi drugega izdelovalca.
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