Stock Candlestick Chart

Garden City Consultants

a tool in Excel to visualize price movement in securities market


Candle Stick Chart add-in is a tool in Excel to visualize the price movement of securities by days, weeks, months. One candle stick represent 1 unit of movement of high, low, open, close. The stick represents the high/low.

The bar represent the open/close. The color of the bar represents the up (green) or down (red).

This add-in is typically used by financial professional to do the technical analysis of the security market. The bar, stick show the daily, weekly, monthly market movement - high/low/open/close.

This add-in is easy to use that it allows user to use sample data as the template format to build his own chart by pasting the data into the sample data table.


  • The user can use the GCC Historical Security Price Add-in to collect security data for this add-in that has the required data format in place.

  • Sample data can be the template to build the chart.

  • Easy to use and user friendly.

  • Change the chart title by clicking the title area and enter the text as needed.


  • Download this add in and start Excel 2013 SP1 or later Add in.

  • Click Insert Sample Data button to insert the sample data.

  • Paste own data into the sample data table and click binding the existing table button to draw the chart.

  • Change colors in Setting screen as needed.

  • Click in the title area in chart to enter desired title.

Version Release Notes:

  • Setting Window updated to GCC setting standard format.

  • Title can be updated and saved automatically in the chart window.
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