OTCStreaming - Credit Derivatives Data Explorer

Hellebore Technologies

Explore historical and real time data from the credit derivatives market.

Explore credit derivatives reported trades, clearing volumes, and a lot more data from the credit derivatives market.

Dealing with credit derivative can be challenging. Data is scattered around many different sources; price indications from dealers comes in bespoke and unformatted messages;

Swap Data Repositories data is available for free, but very difficult to access for non-experts.

The OTCStreaming Add-In supports its users by delivering all data available from its web application ( into Excel.

With its unique data workflow, OTCStreaming collects, standardizes, enriches, archives and broadcasts on-the-fly all processed data in a unique and simple format. The Add-in includes all real-time streaming and historical data.

Different level of subscriptions will allow users to enjoy and benefit from a vast universe of data.

  • Public: Free of charge – It gathers and publishes all credit derivatives transactional data as soon as they are publicly available: data from Swap Data Repositories, daily clearing volumes, quarterly EMIR reports.
  • Premium: Available upon subscription – Premium collects and mines daily credit derivatives runs from participating liquidity providers. Public data is also available in this version.
  • Private:Available upon subscription – this version mines on-the-fly users’ private credit derivatives data in dedicated and secured vaults. Public data is also available in this version.

For more information, please contact us.

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