Jedox Add-in for Excel 365

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Access Jedox, and increase planning collaboration, by connecting the Jedox Add-in for Excel 365

The Jedox Add-in for Excel 365 provides you and the rest of your company’s analysts and planners with access to the Jedox Enterprise Performance Management platform from within your familiar Excel 365 application (Windows, Mac, or Browser).
The Jedox Add-in allows you to read, analyze, and edit data from your Jedox instance while using Excel 365 as well as save values and comments to the Jedox In-Memory Database.

Why you and your team should use the Jedox Add-in for Excel 365:

  • Open your Jedox Reports and create Views in Excel 365 from Windows, Mac, or Browser.
  • Modify, plan, or budget your data with writeback capabilities.
  • Access updated information from the Jedox In-Memory Database at any time.
  • Enhance your analysis with Excel tools and formulas.
  • Allow contributors to your planning process to send data through the familiar Excel interface.

How it works?

There are no local installations or downloads. Simply link the Jedox Add-in to your Microsoft 365 subscription and you are ready to plan and report. The Add-in will be available on your Excel 365 account from work, at home, or while traveling.

Forget about complex on-premises installations. All future enhancements are handled through seamless updates to the latest versions of the Add-in without any additional effort.

Prerequisites to use the Jedox Add-in for Excel 365:

  • Activation of the Jedox Add-in also requires that you have access to Microsoft 365 (either a demo or subscription to Microsoft 365).
  • Please see the Jedox Knowledge Base for comprehensive information about the Jedox platform and the Jedox Add-In for Excel 365. Quickstart with Jedox Add-in for Excel 365

    The Jedox Add-in is provided under the same Terms and Conditions as other Jedox software, giving you the same assurance of quality and reliability that you expect from the original Jedox Add-in and the whole Jedox platform. You can also explore the Details Support section for more information.


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