Colligo Email Manager for Office 365

Colligo Networks Inc.

Email Records and Knowledge Capture Into SharePoint From Any Device

Get the right content in the right place with the right tags. Colligo Email Manager® for Office 365® makes it easy for workers to capture emails into SharePoint and apply the right metadata properties—from anywhere. Corporate knowledge is moved out of email silos and stored centrally as living, shared documents.

  • Boost User Adoption – Workers can capture email with metadata properties into SharePoint from any device. The same interface lets them search for SharePoint content to easily collaborate and share files with peers.
  • Improve Accuracy – Metadata property capture can be automated, or augmented with custom fields the user completes. Content is more easily discoverable and the right retention policies can be applied, reducing corporate risk.
  • Ensure Compliance – Workers can use the add-in everywhere they can access O365. With the same familiar experience across devices, they are less likely to go around established processes for collaboration and record capture.
  • Simplify Collaboration – The ability to search for SharePoint content and send it as links makes it easy for employees share content with their teams. Workers can respond any time their colleagues need information, saving time and boosting adoption.
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