GBS Workflow Manager for Office 365

GBS Europa GmbH

Easy and intuitive automation of business processes in Office 365

The GBS Workflow Manager enables companies to easily create and automate business processes for any potential use case. From simple document management to complex business logic, workflows can be designed and deployed within short time.

Thanks to the integrated Form and Workflow Designer tools, business process logic and user interfaces can be created in just a few clicks without the need of programming skills. In order to develop more complex workflows with integration of third-party systems, GBS Workflow Manager supports custom connectors. And since the Workflow Designer supports the recognized standard BPMN 2.0, no additional training is needed.

With GBS Workflow Manager you benefit from:

  • Increased productivity through automation of business processes
  • Powerful workflow engine based on open workflow standard BPMN 2.0
  • Intuitive creation via drag & drop with the integrated design tools
  • Build workflows without the need of programming skills
  • Support for complex workflows
  • Power users can build, manage and adjust their own processes
  • Rapid deployment within Office 365
  • Mobile ready thanks to responsive design

Potential use cases:

  • Complaint management
  • Procurement & supply management
  • Vacation requests
  • Investment management
  • Invoice management
  • Document archiving
  • Personal evaluations
  • Fleet management
  • Customer service
  • Etc.

This SharePoint add-in works in conjunction with the "GBS Workflow Manager" full trust add-in, which is only available from GBS website.

This requires installation on your environment outside of the Microsoft Office Store processes due the level of required permissions. A tenant administrator will need to deploy this specific add-in to the tenant manually, so that it can be installed to your environment. When add-ins are installed outside of the Microsoft Office Store, they may bypass any, and all, safety and security checks provided by Microsoft. If you have not done so already, it is recommended that you establish contact with GBS before proceeding with installation. Consider trying this add-in on a separate SharePoint Tenancy before installing it on your primary SharePoint site(s).

You will find the download link inside of this add-in or please visit for the link and detail instructions.

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