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Move off of InfoPath with zero to minimal effort. Lowest cost solution.

Qdabra created FormsViewer and FormsDesigner to help you replace InfoPath Filler and Designer. The main benefit is to reduce the amount of time needed to move your existing forms investment to SharePoint Online (O365). Form templates, libraries, and their XML data migrate "as-is" with zero to minimal configuration. You do not need to recreate your forms using another tool.

Configuring an existing InfoPath form library to open with FormsViewer takes less than 5 minutes. We have customers who have migrated over 40 InfoPath form templates to O365 in less than one week.

Your Qdabra Forms trial is free for as long as you are evaluating FormsViewer and FormsDesigner.

Qdabra Forms pricing will always be per tenant. We do not charge per user and we never will. Qdabra is committed to providing the lowest cost solution by an order of magnitude. That means the total cost of migrating your forms and using them will not exceed four figures per year. Licensing plans are based solely on usage and support unlimited users and form templates. Here are the plans for O365:

- Basic - $95 for up to 1000 form opens per month.

- Standard - $195 for up to 4000 form opens per month.

- Enterprise - $395 for up to 20,000 form opens per month.

- VIP - $795 for unlimited form opens per month.

Qdabra Forms supports new features like Modern UI and lets you extend your existing forms by allowing custom CSS and JavaScript. We support verifying users via multi-factor authentication both by SMS text and authentication app. Because Qdabra Forms includes our popular qRules command library, you can add features to your form like:

- Calculating date differences - even excluding weekends and holidays.

- Submitting repeating data to SharePoint lists for easier reporting.

- Upload file attachments to document libraries for smaller, faster forms.

- The list goes on - between qRules and JavaScript, your forms will do more with less work.

Qdabra Forms also works with SharePoint on-prem and even without SharePoint.

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