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Take notes, actions and decisions and manage your meeting minutes with ease.

Smartnotation is an easy to use, voice enabled meeting minutes solution.

Your notes, actions and decisions are easy to manage and your information is always available. Above all, it takes away unnecessary overhead allowing you and your team to focus on your core business.

You can integrate Smartnotation completely with Microsoft Teams. Add a connector to get notified of all important updates, new notes, actions and decisions for a specific project. You can also add a personal tab to write your meeting minutes directly from Teams or a configurable tab to share specific meeting minutes with the rest of your team. Allowing the team members to stay up to date and follow up on their actions.

Prepare meeting minutes with your voice and by keyboard. Once a note, an action or a decision has been agreed, just capture the highlights in Smartnotation.

On approval, your team members and external participants will be notified to review the minutes and follow-up on their actions.

To get started you need to have an active Smartnotation account. You can sign up for free.

What can it do for you?

Smartnotation can be used by any company and organization in all industries to manage the meeting process. It is typically used to structure and to optimize. In the end it is all about saving valuable time and as a consequence, increasing productivity and getting to the next level.

- Overhead avoiding instead of time-consuming

- Increased productivity by structuring and optimizing the meeting process

- Consistency, no redundancy, always available and device independent

Smartnotation anticipates on a keyboard-less era, where the interactions between human and machines are streamlined and optimised to perfection. We believe in designing applications that make use of Artificial Intelligence concepts and technologies to maximise the user experience and effectiveness of the application.

- Use speech recognition to manage your minutes

- Read out to listen to your meeting minutes

voice enabled meeting minutes means that the user can create notes inside Smartnotation (currently only on Chrome) using voice commands by clicking on the microphone button in the bottom left corner.

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