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Social rewards and recognition platform.

Thanks is a comprehensive rewards and recognition platform that allows a company to amplify the recognition culture. Below are the salient features of the Thanks platform:

  • Say Thanks - Thanks is a peer-to-peer non-monetary appreciation. Link company values/behaviours to amplify the culture of recognition. Use e-cards/badges to enhance platform engagement
  • Wish - Wish feature engages employees with instant greetings for various occasions like 'welcome to the team', 'bon voyage' etc. Automatic wishes/greetings can be configured for occasions like birthdays, work anniversaries, long service milestone anniversaries, etc. Link e-cards for maximum engagement
  • Gift - Gift feature amplifies engagement and bonding by allowing employees to share their earned reward points amongst colleagues without any impact on the organization's overall reward budget
  • Reward - Create custom rewards with comprehensive nomination controls and approval workflows. Add custom questions to justify reward nomination. Setup reward values in multiple currencies/countries. Choose rewards from major categories like manager recognition, leadership recognition, new joined recognition, etc. Link rewards to company values/behaviours to amplify the recognition culture
  • Redeem - Redeem a wide range of electronic gift cards across various categories like Dining, Electronics, Experiences, Fashion, Home Decor etc.
  • Reports and analytics - Gain deep insights into how your budgets are being deployed and utilized, program effectiveness in terms of platform adoption engagement, recognition and reward penetration, etc. A wide range of reports from billing to reward nominations and budget utilization are available which can be downloaded into MS Excel.
  • Multilanguage – Users can set their language and see the platform over 100+ languages.
  • Data auto provisioning - Auto sync of user data from HRMS systems (Addition of new employees, updating of information, deletion for exit employees)
  • Notification - Receive Notifications in a channel for activities like Appreciate, Wish, Rewards.
  • Collaboration Features - Multiple collaboration features like Ideation, Survey, Poll, Quiz, announcement helps employees to engage in a better way and get instant feedback by using snap polls, pulse survey etc.

Users can recognize other colleagues and get notifications using the Teams app without moving to a separate website/mobile app.

Thanks app is a role based application where different users access different set of features. For example, while an end user has access to features like appreciate, reward, wish, gift, redeem, poll, quiz, survey etc. an admin can configure the platform, view reports and analytics.

This app requires enterprise IT administrator approval to sign up, purchase, and initial configuration.

To set up this integration, you will need a valid Thanks account. You can sign up for Thanks at

For any help or assistance, please contact

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