Industry blogs from leading sources delivered as MP3 audio

The amount of professional written content out there is overwhelming; from corporate blogs to industry leaders. Keeping up with content is becoming a very time consuming task. Soundspot automatically scans for content and converts it to easy to consume MP3 audio aka "Blogcasts"; when on the go or while working out, fresh, interesting content is delivered to you in the most natural way, using state-of-the-art synthesized voices. Soundspot uses Natural Language Processing algorithms to prepare the written text for speech synthesis and to deliver a great experience to the listener.

Soundspot for Microsoft Teams allows you and your team to receive live updates about newly published Blogcasts and to view recent publications or search for content based on keywords, popularity and content tags. You can then download the Blogcasts to OneDrive as MP3 audio and listen to them directly from teams without leaving Teams and interrupting your work. Soundspot continuously scans blog sites and newsletter for fresh content and alerts you via DM that there is new content for you to listen to. It also offers keyword and by-tag search for thousands of Blogcasts so that you can quickly locate the content which is relevant to you without leaving Teams.

Soundspot will grow in functionality and more collaborative features will be added in the future such as support for channel updates, more languages and individual and team personalized content alerts.

Zmogljivosti dodatka
Ko je ta dodatek v uporabi, lahko
  • Pošilja podatke prek interneta
  • Ta dodatek ima dovoljenje za dostop do osebnih podatkov v aktivnem sporočilu, kot so telefonske številke, poštni naslovi ali naslovi URL. Dodatek lahko te podatke pošlje storitvi drugega izdelovalca. Drugih elementov v vašem nabiralniku ne more prebrati ali spremeniti.