Applauz Recognition

Applauz Recognition

Applauz helps you engage, recognize, and reward your best employees.

Receive Applauz Newsfeed notifications directly in your Microsoft Teams channel and never miss a company culture update!

When you integrate Applauz with your MS teams account, you’ll be informed of workplace activity happening on Applauz automatically—notifications from Applauz will conveniently show up on your Microsoft Teams Channel in real-time.

Never miss an opportunity to support your company culture and recognize your team! Get instant and automatic notifications when employees or managers post messages, publish polls, award recognition points and badges and answer pulse surveys. What’s more, integrating Applauz with MS Teams lets you stay current on day-to-day company culture events and activities by providing you with timely in-channel updates when employees celebrate a birthday, or work anniversary.

Add our connector to the channel of your choice. You’ll need an active Applauz account and your Applauz REST API key, which is found in your Applauz account under Program>Integrations. Once you have your Applauz REST API key, simply enter it into the required field on the connector config page and click submit. You are now ready to receive notifications from your Applauz Newsfeed.

This means you'll be alerted on your Microsoft Teams channel of the newest posts and polls made on the Applauz Newsfeed. If you do not have an account yet, get started now by registering for a free one at If you wish to learn more, feel free to contact us at

Applauz Newsfeed is a social and collaborative online space where company culture building and employee engagement happens every working day. It acts as a centralized hub for company employees to connect and engage with each other on a human level while at work. Anyone can easily communicate important company announcements.

Add their unique personality to a post with emojis, GIFs, or images. Applauz Newsfeed also allows employees to publicly "recognize" each other for their achievements. This fosters collaboration, promotes teamwork, and ultimately cultivates meaningful professional relationships.

Peer-to-Peer recognition helps managers spot great work being done "behind the scenes" that would otherwise sometimes go unnoticed. Help shine a light on individual employee contributions, talents and skills. Make teams feel proud and supported. Employee recognition starts here!

With more functionalities and collaborative features to be added in future releases, integrating Applauz into your Microsoft Teams helps keep everyone feeling motivated by promoting recognition no matter where they’re working from!

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