BigChange for Templates

BigChange Ltd

Create custom designed job-cards and financial documents from a Word document.


BigChange’s 5-in-1 Mobile Workforce and Job Management system helps companies to plan, manage, schedule and track their mobile workforces paperlessly.

Easily create custom designed job-cards and financial documents in Word

  1. Open a new word document
  2. Create the content from scratch (or use a ready-made template)
  3. Insert the keywords (data fields) that you want BigChange to populate
  4. Save your document, and then import into BigChange

The result is professional looking job-cards and financial documents that feature rich text, custom-branding, logos and boilerplate information. It couldn’t be simpler.

Its easy to use - its just like doing a mail-merge.


  • BigChange for Word works with the most recent versions of Word that allow advanced add-ins for Office: Minimum supported versions

    • Office 2019 and Office 365 (updated to at least March 2017) for Windows and Mac
    • Office Online

  • Use of this add-in requires a paid BigChange account. To find out more visit

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