Datavision Digital S.A. de C.V.

Maintain the confidentiality and control of all sensitive documents of your company.

To use this application you must be registered as a customer on our website File Master. Visit our web site for more information on how it works and to apply for an evaluation license.

It is an application within Teams that allows your team to consult, download, and print those confidential or regulatory documents. It is possible to control access according to your team profile by area or by user.

With FileMaster for Teams, your collaborators will be able to easily make quick searches, making it easier to enter the solution in the same workspace.

You can also monitor all activity by keeping a record of downloads and queries. Each consulted document will have printed the name of the person, date and time of the consultation.

Share files quickly and easily. By assigning your collaborators username and password you will be able to monitor the files with sensitive information for your company.

Determine who can download, view, and even print the documents.

With FileMaster each printed document will present a watermark with the name, date and time of the person who made the printing.

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