Competella Contact Center

Competella AB

Contact Center Solution for excellent customer service for Microsoft Teams

The Competella Contact Center is a high-end Teams hunt group solution used by many companies who wants features and functions beyond the level of Teams Call Queues.

The Competella Contact Center includes the following functionality:

- Multiple incoming voice queues

- Multi lingual queue welcome messages, hold messages, queue closed messages.

- Weekly and holiday specific schedule for opening and closing the queues

- Different call distribution options; longest-idle, parallel ring, round robin and serial call.

- Fast on-boarding and easy user adoption.

- As an agent you can answer the calls from the queue in your Teams client or mobile phone using simultaneous ring in Teams client settings.

- Advance statistic report including number of calls to the queue, number of calls answered, number of missed calls and average or maximum waiting time in the queue.

- On-line monitoring of e.g. number of calls in the queue, available agents in the queue, maximum waiting time during the day.

The Agent Portal Teams App is your personal App to control your agent and your queues in the Competella Contact Center solution. In this App you can login/logout your agent from all queues or connect/disconnect from specific queues. There is also an online monitoring including number of available agents, number of calls to the queue, number of missed calls and maximum waiting time in the queue all measured during today.

You need to have an active subscription of Competella Contact Center to use the app, please contact us for more details.

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