Automation Anywhere: RPA bots for Microsoft Excel

Automation Anywhere Inc.

Access RPA directly from MS Office apps, in the cloud or on-prem

Automation Anywhere: RPA Bots for Microsoft Excel for the Enterprise lets users control bots right from their Microsoft Excel toolbar. With a simple download from Microsoft AppSource. the Automation Anywhere: RPA Bots for Microsoft Excel can be added to the Excel toolbar, and bots can be run and managed right from within Excel, instead of having to switch to the Automation Anywhere interface for those functions.


To use Automation Anywhere: RPA Bots for Microsoft Excel, you must have a licensed Automation Anywhere Runner Account and the URL of the Control Room. If you do not have the information, please contact your administrator or contact us.


  • Control Room Settings – login to Automation Anywhere, access the control room, configuration
  • Bot Settings – run bots, select devices, monitor bots
  • Favorites Settings – save settings, create a favorites list
  • Customize Output - save your bot output into your spreadsheets
  • Advanced Scripting - create custom script to further process your data, for advanced users
  • On-line Help – provides topic specific help on features
  • Documentation – detailed information on how to get started, advanced topics


  • MINIMIZE FRICTION - Users who are familiar with Excel can now deploy and manage bots without ever leaving the application and will find the Plug-in feature extremely intuitive, helping them to get set up with automation quickly.
  • IMPROVE VISIBILITY - Track and manage bots directly from the Excel application. Handle data exceptions easily and improve business performance with a detailed overview of the bots’ processes and operations.
  • COLLABORATION - Coordinate cross-functionally across the Office productivity platform as well as with other users and developers. CUSTOMIZATION – The Excel Plug-in is flexible, mobile, and user-friendly. Delivering real-time information, its cloud platform can be managed seamlessly across any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device.


Learn more about Automation Anywhere: RPA Bots for Microsoft Excel feature, please visit our website or youtube video.


If you have any problems or suggestions, please visit our support portal or knowledge base.

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