Bid Management System


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A SharePoint powered Bid Management System to digitize procurement activities.

Bid Management functions are constantly changing, and standardizing procedures to control the risks that come with asking for bids is essential for the business to run well. Beyond Intranet has SharePoint-based Bid Management System, which can be used to manage all your Tenders /Requests for Proposals (RFPs). This helps bring that kind of procedure-based discipline to the procurement process. Users can streamline the bidding process with the help of the bid management software, saving them a lot of time. The system creates a secure SharePoint environment where all tendering and contract approval activity is kept in one place.

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About the Procurement Software:

The SharePoint-powered Bid Management System/Software (applicable for Tenders, ITTs RFQs, RFIs, and RFPs) is designed to reduce paperwork, manage compliance and avoid rushed or risky purchasing decisions by automating the buying process.

Highlights of Bid Management Solution:

  • Manage pre-bid and in-bid activities
  • Advanced SharePoint data security rules ensure that confidential information is protected
  • A process for multiple approval levels that operate parallelly or sequentially
  • Intuitive, user-friendly User Interface, suitable for non-technical operators
  • Simplified collaboration and project creation for e-procurement
  • Ease of use for non-SharePoint users (bidders/vendors/suppliers) for streamlined bidding
  • Ability to create custom fields and customize the look and feel
  • Simplified approval and evaluation at multiple levels

Features of Bid/Proposal Management Software:

  • Create New Project / Bid Package
  • Tender / Bid / RFP Management
  • Add Bidders/Vendors
  • Send Bid Invitations
  • View list of Bids submitted
  • View Bids Details
  • Bid Submission
  • Personalize as per your branding
  • Export/Import documents
  • Tender/RFP Status at each stage
  • Create/Assign Project
  • Multiple user levels and accessibility
  • Approve Bid/Evaluate Bid
  • Enable Bid opening committee
  • Send Notifications and Reminders
  • Full-text search
  • Tender/RFP activity tracking
  • Communication with vendors
  • Advance reporting with excel and pdf exports

Benefits of Bid / Tender Management System

  • Lowered risks with e-procurement
  • Simplified bid management or tender management
  • Improved bid/proposal document control and compliance
  • Speeded up processes
  • Create Master settings for easy and quick bid management
  • Easy filters to manage/track Tender-related activities
  • Add/Edit/Manage Tender/RFP
  • Search bidding/vendor from the past
  • Attach Bid documents with each bid
  • Track Bid/RFP Status and set timelines
  • Add-in Personalization for business-specific branding
  • Different views for RFP creators, reviewer, evaluators, managers, admins, and external vendors/suppliers
  • Compliance and reporting for audits

The application is available for 7 days trial and you may need to go for In-App Purchase to continue using this add-in.

Upcoming Features:

  • Post-bid process

We offer 1 hour of FREE support for configuring and troubleshooting.

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Bid Management System

About Beyond Intranet

Beyond Intranet is Microsoft Gold Partner, having more than 16 years of experience in M365-powered solutions. Bid Management Solution is customizable and does not require technical knowledge to kick-start your procurement management.

  • Dedicated team of SharePoint developers
  • Dedicated support team, always happy to help you
  • Regular updates to provide new features and bug fixes

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