avtor: NTT DATA Information Processing Services Private Limited

An Informational Chat bot that can answer inquiries related to certain topics including COVID-19.

Aye!CoBOT is a free informational QnA Chatbot designed and developed by NTT Data Information Processing Services Pvt Ltd, using Microsoft’s BOT Framework.The core functionality of the Chatbot is to leverage matured cloud services to do the following tasks:\na) Enables the user to browse top Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about certain topics of importance & find solutions to these questions.\nb) User may ask question related to topic Covid-19, WebEx, Zoom, Adobe, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office etc.\nc) Once user choose the topic, Top 5 information will be populated on information card you can click more to populated next 5 information of selected topic.\nd) These FAQs are “scrapped” from the different sites daily so that the users have access to the latest information. The information is “scrapped” from official source only.\ne) Scrapped information site details are also available on the footer of information card with link named Official Source with Copyright information. f) The Chatbot also provides the option to search any question based on a keyword in a topic. The entered keyword is processed, and the corresponding results are provided within a few seconds.\ng) Any time if user want to move to main or welcome screen. User can cancel the task with the help of keyword like Cancel, discard etc. h) User can use the keyword “Help” to move user to welcome screen, where all available topic will be populated and user can select the topic to ask the question for specific topic.\ni) In case of situations where the answer is not available in the internal database, Aye!CoBOT leverages BING Search API to pull that information from the internet in the form of Web Content, News, Videos and Images. Thanks! for using our app and let us know if you are getting issue. We would be happy to help you with and Enjoy your experience and feel free to drop us a message anytime! -Development Team

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