List Visualizer

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List Visualizer helps you filter, sort and visualize the sharePoint list data with colourful charts.

No more exporting the SharePoint list to excel to visualize data.

ListVisualizer addin makes reading list data easy for SharePoint users. Use it to visualize list data in tabular, bar chart, line chart, pie chart form. The visualizer supports various aggregate functions, filter and charts. Change the visualization on the fly with minimum lag. Intelligent caching helps visualizer to render different charts instantaneously.

Some of the important features of List Visualizer are as follows -

Smart Filter

Filter your data with auto populated filters. These smart filters recognises parameters that can be used as filters. They populate the relevant operators and appropriate value selectors (such as calendar) wherever applicable.

User can apply as many filters as they want and the data will be filtered on the fly reflecting in the current visual representation of data (list or any of the charts).

Simplified List

List Visualizer enables you to sort and filter a simple List View from your bulky data for effective data management and lets you focus on the filtered data points.

Bar Graph

While representing larger data sets, you can opt for a Bar Graph option. Bar Graphs further improve the readability of your data and is useful for data sets with multiple entries.

Column Graph

For smaller data sets and data sets with negative values, List Visualizer has the ability to convert your data into a colorful Column Graph for better visibility and easy representation.

Line Graph

List Visualizer takes your complex and bulk list data and smartly converts it into an easily readable Line Graph, enabling you to easily compare between multiple data points.

Pie Chart

List Visualizer aids you summarize your mass data into a colorful Pie Chart which enables you to visually check the accuracy of your data, all with no or minimal additional explanation.

Know more about List Visualizer here -

Browser Support


List Visualizer currently supports following desktop browsers

• Internet Explorer 11

• Microsoft Edge 39 onwards

• Chrome 78 onwards

• Firefox 71 onwards and

• Safari 12 onwards

It doesn't support mobile browsers yet.

We are continuously improving the offering and would like to hear from you. Contact us on for help and feedback.

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