Agile Task Board for SharePoint Online

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Agile Task Board organizes your agile process without spending a lot of effort.

The Agile Task Board helps you and your team to get a better overview of your agile project. Convert your physical board into a digital version. You can map your process with features such as columns for status display, any number of swimlanes, metadata-driven coloring of cards, assignment of responsibilities, drag and drop editing, and many other settings. Each Task Board can be instantiated as a Web Part on a SharePoint page or as a SharePointFullPage and can be configured independently. The task information and documents are stored in your SharePoint site, no further service is required. Thus no information and documents leave your organization. Furthermore, you can easily visualize existing task lists in SharePoint with the Agile Task Board.

Core functionalities of the Agile Task Board

Easy configuration

-- Easily customize the appearance of the task board and tasks to your liking via the configuration menu.

Drag & Drop

-- Assign tasks, people, tags and status changes simply by dragging items with the mouse.


-- Filter by people, tags or keywords to quickly find tasks. The display is updated directly and without loading time.


-- Add tags to tasks. These can be used to colorize, filter and group tasks.


-- Add a checklist to a task. Entries can be added or checked directly on the task board.

Files and links

-- Attach files and add links to a task. This is then indicated by an icon on the task board.


-- Manage your tasks in different lines of action by using swimlanes.

Try the Agile Task Board free for 30 days in your own SharePoint Online organization. More information about features and licensing is available on our homepage.

Information on installation and initial configuration:

You can use the Agile Task Board for different SharePoint environments and for teams. Please see the different versions in the Office Store or on our distribution project at GitHub.

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